Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Norm and I had never traveled down New River Road off of Hwy 101. Today we
did, thinking that we would see the New River. But, no, no river....at least not from
where I could see. The road wound through forest with lots of coastal pines, then
more and more cranberry bog farms. The bogs will draw me back in another week
or so, hoping I hit it where they are flooded and the beautiful crimson berries
are floating on top. But....on to our travel of today.....we came to the end of the road,
and what you see in the second photo is what we saw. Other views also, but I'll share
them tomorrow I think. This was a very peaceful and serene setting, where the water
was so calm and reflecting the sand dunes and grasses so well. But just over those
sand dunes was the mighty Pacific and it was roaring with the incoming tide. I like the
tranquility of this photo.....I did enhance the color a little. The feeling of being there was
of peace and warmth, so I wanted to warm up the photo to reflect what I was feeling.
Oh.......Sign, Sigh..........
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