Saturday, September 14, 2013


This first photo is of Norm fixing up his work benches......As usual his workshop is going to be neat....and in this case, brand-spanking new.  I'm so happy to see him setting up his 'space'.  I can hardly believe that we've now been over here in Winchester for one whole month already!  It just doesn't seem that long.  
 OK......this next series of photos is the story of the day.  We have a number of birds that I've noticed over here in the valley that are different than the ones we watched and fed in Port Orford.  I've noticed a lot of woodpeckers....but they move so fast I can't tell whether they're acorn or downy woodpeckers.  But there are a lot.  Then, there are the scrub jays....which seem quieter than the steller's that Norm called "the bully birds".  There are a number of doves, some junco's and I saw a pair of chickadees the other day.  We also see a number of flocks of wild turkeys all over this area.  Near Costco, over by the (beautiful) dumps, and any place there seems to be treed hills.  I didn't expect them strolling up our street the other day, though.  Norm and I were heading out for our morning walk and he said "Quick, go get your camera.  There are turkeys out here!"  I hurried to get it and went out shooting.  They didn't seem the least concerned at our appearance other than to show curiosity at the clicking noises of my camera.   Then we saw a cat stalking from across the street.  I missed getting a good photo of the cat actually stalking and moving pretty fast....right towards the turkeys.  That's when the story got funny.

 So.......the first 2 photos are of the turkeys, minding their own business and pecking away in various front yards.  Then here comes the you can see in the below photo, he isn't stalking anymore, the turkeys are hardly worried.  But I think the cat is.....
 He's now trying to look nonchalant and casual........trying to look so cool.  8-))
 Here, as he passes and the flock disappears from his line of peripheral vision, he can't help but taking a quick peek to make sure he hasn't put himself in harm's way.
 And here, the last photo, you do not see the cat.......he's hightailed it out of range with the turkey's starting after him..........It was just a funny scene to witness.  When we first saw the cat after the turkeys, we were afraid we'd be witnessing mayhem...........the the tables were turned, much to the embarrassment of the neighborhood cat.

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