Saturday, September 28, 2013


 This state park is only 4 minutes away from our place and a beautiful place it is.  I haven't edited all the photos yet but will within a few days to show the park itself.  The photos here are mostly of the Umpqua River, which offers fishing, kayaking, rafting and beautiful views.  It's an RV park also but that's a little away from the park itself.  A little creek runs through it, much like the creek that runs through Humbug State Park.  (For you coasties).  And of course the Umpqua River, that you see here.   I think it's going to be a good place to go back as more of the trees turn color.
 I had a great birthday the other day.  I had birthday greetings from near and far friends and family.  My beautiful niece sent a gift certificate to one of the most wonderful restaurants!  It was such delicious food..........each cooked and served to perfection.  The name was Dino's and it was in the old downtown part of Roseburg.  Norm had veal scallopini, Ceasar salad, (reserve order, there), and some espresso, ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate concoction that was so rich but wonderful!  I had rice and wild mushroom soup, ensalata caprese, port cutlets with fig and balsamic and cream sauce and the same dessert, which I couldn't finish.  I can hardly wait to go back!  

Are you all getting ready for the Pacific Northwest 'big-blow'??  I guess it's going to be a wild weekend.  Hope all my friends on the coast stay safe.  They expect wind here but 35-40 MPH doesn't sound like much to me after Port Orford.  But there could be a lot of trees that might come down if they aren't used to strong winds here.

Had our local flock of turkey passing down the street again today.  Norm and I stood there watching and making little noises at them.  One tom was very curious and kept answering us.  I just hope none of the neighbors heard us.  I think they all just take the turkey's as a common occurrence.  Saw one of the woodpeckers up close yesterday........acorn woodpecker.  Norm put out some suet and a special blend made with dried insects.  So, there were scrub and stellar jays and the woodpecker.  Over in the sunflower seed holder we have one chickadee that sits in there forever, on top of the seeds.  It's one of those round top feeders that is supposed to foil the squirrels.  This chickadee rests after eating all it wants, then continues to just sit in there........little hog!

Speaking of birds, has anyone noticed the turkey vultures this past week?  We were driving in a rural area over to Sutherlin and I noticed in the sky a large number of vultures all circling around in circles.  They were fairly high and disorganized......meaning not like geese or duck's 'V' shaped flock.  I saw about 5 different groups of them......sometimes numbering 20 or so.  I've seen them before in past years but not quite so many different groups of them as last weeks.  Guess it was the time for them to all gather and fly south to California and beyond.

So......this next week will be fairly busy for us with various appointments.  I hope everyone in the PNW stays safe and dry........and have a good autumny weekend anyway.

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