Friday, September 6, 2013


I had one of the nicest of days yesterday........along with one of the most frustrating mornings.  My new neighbor, Angie, was taking me on a 'round the area' tour to help me get my sense of where things are a little more finely honed.  I was so happily surprised when we pulled into the Winston Wild Life Safari Park.  I thought, "Wow!  This camera-crazed woman was soon going to be one happy camper!!"  The day was overcast with chance of some showers forecast, which was a good time to shoot (camera-wise) the animals.  Years ago Norm and I took a family of friends who had driven all the way from Colorado, to Wild Life Safari, only to see no animals at all because it was too hot, and too late in the day......very disappointing.   This day was going to be so different!  Camera primed and ready to go........the first wildlife spotted was a pair of ostriches.  I did get a couple of ok shots....a little blurry but.......When I went to take more shots........disaster struck!  My camera froze up!!  No amount of fiddling would un-stick it.  I don't want to give the impression that I didn't enjoy the rest of the trip ride through the park because I did.......but I silently growled whenever I saw anyone else with a camera taking photos.  All the animals were out.......there were 4 or 5 grizzly bears....2 in a pond of water, play wrestling.  There were a large circle of elk that were around a feeding bin with all their tan bottoms lined up perfectly.  A pair of rhinos........a couple of cheeta.....and course the King of Beasts and his mate........all kinds of birds and etc. etc. etc.  And no working camera!!  ARGGH!  Well, it's a good excuse to go back and now I know the perfect time and type of weather than should be the most promising.  
After a bite to eat at the Park, we went on through the vineyards and farms and estates of Winston and Melrose.  Angie was a wealth of information and the afternoon passed quickly.......and about that time I tried my camera once more and heard the joyous sound of "click-click-click".   So, I was back in the game once more.  God is Good!!  (I know......he has better things to think about than whether my camera is working or not)...........

 OK....some of the photos I've posted here..........The first one of the chimney and birds was taken at the Umpqua Valley Art the migrating swifts will stop over and all go down into the chimney together nightly.  I read somewhere that at times there are 2400 of them!  I can only imagine what an incredible sight when they all take to the air in the morning!   The hydrangea was also at the Art Center.  It looked and sounded like a great art center, too, BTW.  Very active and supporting to all the arts and artists......with a lot of help from dedicated volunteers.  I am looking forward to becoming more involved in time.
 All the rest of the photos were of our beautiful drive through the area.  Lots of wonderful old barns, a retired B&B, one of the few round barns left in the country (not pictured), and always.......those gorgeous skies.
 It was a wonderful day and I so enjoyed getting to know my new friend better as well as her little 'darlin' Paul.....a sweet 4 year old blond cutie.....with his blue tongue.  (Don't ask).

Hope you all have a great weekend, enjoying the last days of safe but have fun!!  I'm off to take more photos with my now-working camera..........Stay tuned next week

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