Sunday, September 22, 2013


What a time I've had trying to get onto my blog this past week!!   I was about ready to just give it up.  My email account was all messed up too.  Maybe I had a virus, I don't know but I changed a password today and all of a sudden my email account came back en force with hundreds of emails, some I'd seen, others not.  My contact list is back along with all my folders and files.  
Well, for now everything is back even if my usernames and passwords are all over the map.  

I thought this photo below looked like the first day of autumn since I didn't make it out to Kruse's today.........they have tons of pumpkins that I want some photos of.  These are the tomatoes and cukes that Angie gave to us a week ago.  So Good.

 Now this photo is of one of the few remaining round's over in the Winston area, I think.  This looks like the changing season, too, I think.   The rains have arrived this week.  It was pretty heavy yesterday but we didn't have the wind like Port Orford.  Here we have turkeys still parading around the neighborhood.  Yesterday I counted 9 in the local flock, stolling through the neighborhood and then back up into the hills.   They're funny.....we still have the vision of that cat being chased.  8-)

This last shot is just of some of the pretty clouds we see over here.  I was somewhat inspired to do come art work up in my studio........I really love the feel of that room, surrounded by many of my favorite things, photos, books, paintings of all types and music.  (MY music).  So, I did spend a couple of hours just getting myself back into the practice of going up there and trying to let my muse encourage me......
Last week we got set up with our new doctor and dentist.  I like both....even if I do need a couple of crowns.  Since it's been years that I've had to do any dental work I guess it's time to pay the piper.  When he came in he had just been out in the waiting room talking to Norm.  The dentist had a big grin on his face and said how he gave my husband a joke book!   I told him how now I'll know who to blame!  And then he started telling one joke after another off the top of his head...........The two of them are going to be great buddies~~And for those of you who know Norm he'll have a whole new set to throw at you next time you see him.  Be prepared!!

In the meantime, I'll try to get my blog with a little more frequency but the new passwords aren't being accepted and there is a mystery leprechaun inside my computer!  I'm sure of it.

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