Monday, September 23, 2013


We had a happy surprise email yesterday from our good friends from Port Orford, Steve and Elaine Roemen.  Much too short a visit but very welcome, nonetheless....... They happen to be over in eastern Oregon and stopped by on their way back home.  We caught up a bit with some of the news, showed off our new home and hoped they make another and longer visit soon.  It was good to see friendly and familiar faces again.  

Our new house is the color Norm and I have thought that Norm might build a house sign saying "Sage House"...........It might let people think that 'sagely, wise' people live here.  ;-)   And Elaine brought us a twig of sage from eastern Oregon.  It smells so good!  and it's the real thing!  It went up on the mantle where I'm collecting other autumn-ie type things......maple leaves and twigs and odds and end.  

We took care of a bit more business this morning.........changing our address for our driver's licenses and I made an appointment to have my 'concealed' transferred over here to Douglas County.  I told the woman I talked to at the Sheriff's office of the problems I had (or I should say the Curry Co. Sheriff's Dept. had) in getting my finger prints.  No one was able to get that done......the electronic print reader just would not accept any of my prints.  Hours spent.  So, I told this woman today that they'd better give me a nice long time slot.  She said what I needed to do (or not do) is:  No washing dishes for the next week (without gloves), no cleaning (without gloves) and no gardening (without gloves).  So.......there you have it!! I have direct orders from the Sheriff's office to hire a maid and a gardener.  She also suggested that when I come over to turn in my paperwork to bring my husband so he can take me out to lunch.  She said they have some excellent restaurants downtown, and she thought they would be better than Curry County.  I don't know about that, but generally, you can understand why I like their way of thinking over here!  I love this woman~~  I am soo lucky!  

 Here's a nice photo, I think, of Steve and Elaine......and the one below is of Elaine and myself.  Notice the smooth look?   I love photoshop!!

We're going to try a new restaurant this Thursday.  It's 'mon' birthday and I've heard from friends in Port Orford that Bric's is excellent.  I'll let you know......

Hope everyone's week is starting off well......lots of rain over here.  I do believe summer is definitely over.  Snowfall at 5000 ft. already.  The Old Farmer's Almanac says it's going to be a cold winter and that seems to be starting off that way.  Reach for the 'woolies'!  

Have a great Tuesday~

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