Friday, December 30, 2011


So, the end of another year.....wiping that past away and making way for the new. A time to reflect on what's been, what is and what will be by being aware that the NOW is where we really are and that will creatively influence our future.
I've been reading the most wonderfully delightful book by, Elizabeth Griffin....."A Taste of Grace".
She writes her story beginning with her life from Seattle and finally over to Trieste, Italy......dramatic, humorous and certainly holds various episodes in her life that we can all relate to. Also, interspersed are Italian recipes lovingly created by her husband, Mauro. There are meditations and Italian words and phrases along with the phonetic pronounciation. There was an explanation of what must be an Italian cultural view in how the Italians view 'breezes'. And I take it that one of the worst things that can happen and must ALWAYS be guarded against, is the Dreaded Draft! So, the people are always noting if it happens to be a windy day.......Take Care!! Her examples are pretty funny. Now for followers of my blog, you might remember quite some time ago that I mentioned re-connecting with a friend I went to high school with.....and her Italian born father's misuse of some of our American terms. As teenage friends, we loved to find something to giggle about regarding our corny and 'so-out-of-it-parents'. So, where the Italians will say "What a breeze"........Mr. Tuccori would say "What a windy". So hilarious did we find this that even now, my husband and I will comment on 'what a windy' when our Port Orford coastal winds get roaring..........and when I talked to my old friend after so many years, one of the first things I said to identify myself was "What a windy!!" We laughed and laughed as if it were yesterday. I'm so loving Elizabeth's book and if you have a chance to take a look at it on Amazon, it might appeal to you too. American meets Italian culture plus a whole lot more! And Elizabeth's own personal journey through health crisis and into a beautiful spiritual Awareness that she readily shares with all.

The photos I have posted here were taken a couple of weeks ago. The first one was of Meyer's marsh up in Bandon. There are some photos that have too much 'nature' in them too make a good photo. This is where I really appreciate my Topaz software. It can soften all the features so they aren't competing with each other.
The below was taken on a very windy day (where IS Mr. Tuccori?) and the sea looked more turbulent than I like.........again Topaz softens. I know this look isn't to everyone's liking but for the time being, I'm enjoying it a lot.

So, I'll give you my Happy New Year's greeting and advice to stay safe if out on the road. May everyone have a great weekend and an even better 2012!

It's raining in Port Orford and "What an incredible Windy!!"

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