Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Really??? Roses in January?? That's what the beautiful Rotary's "Good-bye to polio" rose is up to these odd un-winterlike days. This afternoon the rain returned but yesterday I did manage to get a partically opened cluster of blooms. The second photo below, I played around with some texturing.
This time of year, these flowers are a genuine treat to the senses~

Is everyone recovered from the holiday madness?? I sent the last of my Christmas cookies on to be eaten by some friends who can afford to eat them......I obviously can't.

I've had the best experience with Amazon~I was having trouble with my first Kindle not downloading a book I'd ordered. Today I got a new, free replacement Kindle along with the sticker to mail it back via UPS.....also free. With so many large corporations cutting services and increasing problems and greed, it's really refreshing and encouraging to have a postive, friendly experience. Come to think of it, I've never had a bad experience with them that hasn't been worked out to my satisfaction. I'm definitely an Amazon fan!

This last photo is of two ornamental acorns that my niece, Lauren, has given me for Christmas. The one of the left was from last Christmas and the one on the right, this year's. I like them so well, they don't get wrapped up and put away until next Christmas..........out they stay all year.

Thanks again, Lauren!

Have you tried out the new Chinese restaurant in Bandon? Asian Garden with the owner and chef coming from Thai's Dynasty in North Bend. If you like Thai's, you'll like Asian Garden. Same delicious dishes. Norm's Peking chicken was fantastic!

I have a movie to recommend...........Snow Rose and the Secret Fan. It's a woman's movie, I think.......Norm thought so, anyway. The story is of 2 young Chinese girls who were born on the same day, had their feet bound on the same day, lots of sames....... they have a ceremony that calls them sister's in soul for eternity. There's a Chinese name for this but I can't remember it.........The film is brutal in some respects but the sensitivity of the love these girls, and growing into young women, have for each other, shows the devotion, flaws and unselfishness of growth, creating a bond and love that continues to grow ever more perfect. It is an excellent remedy if you need to wash out your tearducts and sinus'!

Enjoy your up-and-coming weekend!

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