Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I hope you all had as lovely a Christmas as Norm and I did. Norm is always like a little kid on Christmas morning.......waking me up early (by mistake, of course.... NOT). So, the coffee was already made and I fortified myself with sips as I dug out all the gifts for each of us to open. Great fun and many wonderful surprises........plus some needed items that went under the tree "From us" "To us".
Following breakfast were the family phone calls, everyone giving thank you's and how are you and what the plans for the day were. We all had plenty to do so the Sunday calls were a little abbreviated......at least for my sister's and I. Now, Norm.........he can get on and off the phone before the person at the other end even knows who they're talking to! 8-))

We had been invited over to our friend's home for Christmas dinner at their beautiful Bed & Breakfast, The Compass Rose. It was like stepping into a Currier & Ives scene. The house was so beautifully decorated.......everywhere. Outside, inside and in every room.............Even the bunny hutches~~! So inviting and cheerful. And the aromas in the kitchen!!! Ohhhhh..........Not one person thought of keeping any piece or particle of a diet. That can be postponed until Jan 2nd I guess. So, in the top photo we're greeting by our wonderful host and hostess.......Doug and Karen, in front of their Noble pine Christmas tree.

The crown pork roast pictured here was every bit as delicious as it looks. Moist, full of flavor.....just fantastic. There was also stuffing, great tasting broccoli, green beans, mushrooms, to be followed by a number of decadent and scrumpious desserts made by Karen. A fruit pie, a lemon cake, and a chocolate cake. I had the chocolate.............ohhhhhh, was it ever good!!!

The cheerful lights below were something they made up and it just showed off it's own holiday warmth in the dark powder room. I can't do all the various scenes justice, even if I could post them all on this blog. For more, you can go to Facebook, but still, you'd have to have seen them in person.

We arrived at Karen and Doug's at 1:30 and were driving home a 9 that night~I couldn't believe we had spent that amount of time............It was so much fun and time passed so quickly. We were tired and I can only imagine how our friend's were enduring! And Karen had to work Monday!! Later, I found out that Doug was up and out burning limbs and fallen junk down in the woods. Gesh!

So, as our Christmas leads into New Year's and the close of 2011, it's now time to look at the past year and be grateful.........for gifts but also for lessons learned even if they didn't quite feel like that at the time. Everything has value and some time or another, looked at with appreciation for what it held. All evolving into who we are now. With more to come! So bring on 2012 and let's all try to make the world a more peaceful experience for us and our children.

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