Friday, December 9, 2011


Not a very original title today, huh? But it WAS an originally beautiful morning. We got the last of our Christmas gifts mailed off and on their way. The white bull I want to shoot (camera-wise) down in the Sixes pasture, was not near the fence like I'd hoped. The only time I see him is when I don't have the time to stop. But here was the Elk River looking perfectly photographable......If you look closely you can see one lone fisherman down there wearing a red shirt. I got the impression that he didn't care whether he caught a fish or not, but was just enjoying the quiet, sunny morning. Course, me not being a fisherperson, I am probably interjecting my own thoughts.

Got the last of my Christmas cookies made up today...........lemon shortbread, my two favorites, Snickdoodles and Chocolate Lumpies. I think I like the names more than anything. "Chocolate Lumpies" just says it all, doesn't it?? 8-))

The next stop we made yesterday morning for these photos was out at the Cape. I thought it might be less windy than usual.......HA! I could see the whitecaps over my the Hughes House and as usual, had to find something to brace myself against to try and keep the camera (and me) steady.

Our Christmas tree is an artificial one that we bought a number of years ago. The last real tree dried out so quickly and dropped needles all over that I was afraid of a house fire. The time has come for a new artificial tree right after Christmas.....hopefully at some sale price. The tree we're presently using is probably a 6' and if around this area, you readers know of anyone who might give our old tree a new home please have them get in touch with me. If I don't hear of anyone than towards the end of the month, I'll probably put out the word on Facebook or emails. Sorry, it can't be before Christmas since it's being used right now.

I hope everyone has a great weekend........the weather looks like it might be changing soon, so this is the weekend to get out enjoy..............

Happy Christmas season..........

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