Thursday, December 15, 2011


Yesterday was great to go photo shooting with my friend, Karen. We were both just driving with no particular destination in mind, and stopping to shoot whenever something appealed to us. It was fun.....all the places that aren't on the menu when the trips up to Coos Bay don't offer the husbands, in other words! The rivers and surrounding areas, marshes, cattle.......and you can see below that I finally got a few pictures of the beautiful white bulls that I've been trying to capture. They are just magnificant and powerful animals. When we got out of the car and (carefully) treaded our way through the soggy grasses....over to the fence....and all the cattle were watching intently. The younger cattle were in a group off and away from the bulls. Something about our presence finally spooked them and they all went charging over to the white bulls. The bulls never moved a muscle even with the rest of the herd heading to gain some sense of safety with the older 'gents'. I call them gents because in the small panic that the younger ones felt, one felt he needed to gain some reassurance by trying to climb one of the white bulls. The bull seemed to realize that this wasn't really going to go anywhere and he actually looked bored with the whole business. Instead of putting the younger one in his was more of a "ho-hum".

That top photo was looking down from Hwy 101 onto the Sixes River. There was some kind of big cement block........maybe the left over from a bridge. I think my straight photo was pretty uninspiring so I played around with my Topaz until I thought it was softer. It appealed to me more.

We went on to Bandon Old Town, drove around and explored. I have a ton of new photos but can only post a few on this blog. I'm putting more on Facebook and Flickr if you want to view more.

Today I returned to A Course In Miracles group after almost a year away. It felt like returning home. And I had just met a young woman an hour earlier, whose son had just died. I felt so badly for well as the man who brought this to my attention. No words could ever be adequate at a time like that........only a hug might convey my sympathy and empathy. So young.....and at Christmas time it seems even more painful. So, if any can remember this young woman and her son in your good thoughts and prayers, please...........

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