Thursday, August 18, 2011

BURRO times 2

Almost every week we drive to Coos Bay via Seven Devils Road and we always look for the two Mediterranean burros that are sometimes in sight in a small narrow pasture. It's been more than a year since I've seen them; in fact I thought they might have been sold. We came screeching to a stop when I saw one right up by the fence line. When I got out of the car and was getting my camera from the back, the burro wandered over to disappear in the brush and shadow. I talked in my best burro-enticing voice and pretty soon not just one, but two, burros came over to the fence. They were very skiddish about the camera but after I let them smell it, they sort of settled down. I snapped, rubbed their noses, snapped, chatted, snapped and discovered they weren't too happy with their ears being scratched..........snapped some more. So, here are a few that I've played around with and am sharing with you.

Busy sister and nephew are coming up and we have fun things to do everyday. Saturday night we're going to try Edgewaters for dinner in Bandon. I reserved the table in the corner and facing the Coquille River. Sunday, Sherry Pelton will be playing her newest piano composition at Unity Church in Bandon. I'm reading the book, "Anam Cara: The Wisdom of the Celts", which was the inspiritation for her piece. On the way home we'll stop by the news shops in Langlois; Jeffrey's, Simply Delightful and Inga's. Then on Monday we have a jet boat ride planned on the Rogue River...........I've been on a few times before but not with camera. I have my fingers and toes crossed that I see lots of neat stuff. I can still picture the man standing knee deep wate and playing a fiddle or violin and wearing a floppy hat..........unfortunately no one else but me saw him, hence, the funny looks I get when I tell this. Would I love to see him again, this time with my camera! Who knows? Maybe..........

You all have a great weekend and travel and play safe!

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