Wednesday, August 10, 2011


One by land is an photoshoped squash blossom.........The true color, in the overhead sun, was so garishly yellow that it didn't look real. The garden is doing so well this year.....Norm's veggie's that is. My flower gardens are still cottage-jungle. The abundance of blooms right now, thankfully, outshines the unwanted and untamed look. I hope. Norm brought in our first 2 of the season-barely ripe cherry tomatoes. Yum! We've been so patiently waiting. Nothing like sun-ripened tomatoes! Lots of produce from the garden lately to be prepared and frozen for fall and winter. It's keeping me busy.

These two photos were taken up at Charleston. I never seem to get close enough to an ordinary egret. This one wasn't too close either but I was able to crop it enough and then give it a painterly look. Still not what I'm aiming for but, oh well.

The below sunken boat has only been sunken a few weeks. I had taken some photos of it a year or so ago and while it had clearly seen better days, at least it was it'll be in the running with the Mary Hume down in Gold Beach.

Sad, when you think of how it was at one time some fishmen's hope and dream.....and pride, I'm sure. It looks like it was a beautiful boat when at it's new glory. Be interesting to know the story behind it.

I had lunch with a couple of my friends at Siren's today. A later lunch than usual due to a work schedule. Since I had already had 1/2 an apple and some juice, I wasn't 'that' hungry but needed to have something. So......I did happen to remember that I've been waiting since the day Siren's Cafe got their ice cream (over a year ago, at least) that I've been wanting my coconut cream ice cream cone. I was excited when I got there and saw that they had it in and ordered a double scoop in a waffle cone. was sooooo good! Then one by one, my friends joined me and we all had a little of what is so good for the soul (once in a while). I'm still enjoying the memory of it~

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