Monday, August 1, 2011


I'm enjoying some new creative explorations. Let me know what you think of them if you have a minute.............

I've had the good fortune to have 3 different meals at Redfish this past week. One day with some of my women friends.......that was the carmelized scallops. Friday was Norm's birthday and he had an enormous and delicious burger while I tried out the crab cakes........ohhhhhh...........SO good!! Then on Sunday night I had the lamb dinner. Yum!! some finger potatoes that were really wonderful! And the view from Battle Rock when we left was fantastic. There was a low sun glow reflecting on the wet sands of the beach. I was kicking myself for not bringing my camera. And I naturally thought of Randy Sholten..........HE'd never find himself at that time of the day without HIS camera!! Well, hopefully there will be a next time and I'll do better.

The other night I heard racoons out on the deck........I hadn't known before that their sound is sort of soft chatter. Almost like a purr. I turned on the deck light which had them trying to look cool and calm and they turned around and headed towards the woods. A racoon walking away doesn't have a very graceful gait, have you noticed? They hunch over........very poor posture.........but they're neat to watch in climbing something where they appear almost liquid in their movements. Interesting little guys.

Hopefully this week will lack the animal trauma of last week. One of our little chipmunks got caught up in netting and had been twisting all around trying to get loose. All he did was wind the netting around and around his tail. We cut him down and clipped away most of the netting but he got away with some remaining around that tail. I was so nervous that Norm was going to cut off his tail instead of the netting! I was holding the little animal who was trying with all effort to escape and he did. Just slipped away........ Some friends told me that he should have been able to gnaw away the remaining net. Hope so or else I think he's going to be in bad trouble. I keep looking for the chipmunk but they all look the same.

I'm thinking of trying out how some of these above photos might look printed on canvas. Might be an interesting effect.

Hope you all have a great week. Couldn't ask for better weather lately, huh??


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