Thursday, July 28, 2011


Drove out by Garrison Lake today for a couple of photos. This one of Tseriadun shows off those wonderful ghost trees. I love their wind and rain washed glow. I noticed that the lake grasses and dune grasses are all at their peak right now.

This flower below is beautiful, isn't it? It was over at my neighbor, Nanci's, for one day only. Then it was 'gone with the wind' as frequently happens in Port Orford.
I don't know the name of this flower.......anyone??

A recommendation for those of you going to lunch at Redfish anytime least before they change their menu. The carmelized scallops were fantastic!! On top of a bed of sauteed baby beet greens in some delicious liquid........Oh Yum! And tomorrow will find me back there again since this was Norm's choice on where to go to lunch for his birthday. Opps.......I understand from a friend of his that he's been telling, when asked, that his birthday isn't for weeks and weeks. Ha!
Anyway, I think I might try the crabcake sandwich.............doesn't that sound unusual?? And I love crabcakes so I don't think I can go wrong. Feel free to envy me............

Have a wonderful Friday and a safe and fun weekend!

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