Saturday, July 16, 2011

SUMMER RAIN~~just a hiccup

I had some black and whites that seemed appropriate for this rainy day. At least it's a soft rain........still July warmth to the air. It's supposed to be like this through Tuesday so all you garden lovers will have to find something else to do. Today in the late afternoon, I put out a breadstick that was left over from last night. It was for the chipmunk or a young squirrel that hangs around........still trying to figure out how to get to that birdseed. During dinner Norm says loudly and with great gusto "There's a #@*!! raccoon on the deck~~" Said raccoon wasn't just on the deck he was looking in the window at us. As soon as Norm got up and open and slammed the door (rudely), the raccoon ran off. I guess I won't be putting anything more out on the deck. Next thing will be a return of the bear and we definitely don't need that.

I like the way these shots from Cape Blanco turned out........every once in a while I enjoy black and white. I follow a great photographer, Cole Thompson, and he works exclusively in black and white. You probably can time his newsletters by my own attempts at monochrome, be it ever so humble.

Today I made up about 100 more photo cards........tomorrow it's zucchini-rosemary-lemon bread. Yes, our zucchini is starting to produce and I need to start using it up. The rain reminds me that autumn and winter will return.......but not yet. This is just a little hiccup.

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