Monday, July 25, 2011


More summer treats in the form of blooms and thanks to all that endless winter rain we had.........Norm has been clearing out some of the jungle that was once our garden and came across this enormous and deeply purple butterfly bush flower. Even "he who yields a ruthless set of clippers" knew enough to save this for a floral display. I soooo appreciate him for his gardening help..........which had very distinctly passed long ago the 'cottage look' and moved into wilderness of Oregon chaos. Truly an act of love on Norm's part since I'm not able to get out there much lately.

Now this little group of flowers is actually the rose compion, hybrid style. The last few years I had both the white and the deep pink. I would throw the spent flowers over the fence below the deck where it is free to do what it will. I ended up with these varigated flowers, both pink (a lighter pink) and the white.

Recently I asked a Facebook friend about a particular book that I've had but hadn't gotten around to reading yet. I asked her what it was about. She has set me on a new path with a wonderful group of spiritually minded people and I can barely keep up with it all. They all have so many great and uplifting thoughts, words and quotes. And many more books. I have a definite weakness for books! Almost as much as bubblewrap! And the list just keeps expanding. Takes my breathe away!!

Well, my Monday has begun great and promises to get even better. Hope your's does the same. This Friday is Norm's birthday........One year ago at this time I was going crazy planning his big #80 birthday. That seems like about 5 years or so many things have taken place over the past year. Mainly his surgeries and health challenges. For those of you who have known of this, you'll be happy to hear that he's just getting better all the time.....feeling good (although at this moment he's fast asleep in his chair pretending to watch one of his favorite programs, even though the sound has been on 'mute' for the past 10 minutes! 8-)
Ahhhh.....he must have heard me cause he just turned back on the sound.

His birthday......he wants me to take him to Redfish for his birthday. OK.......that's hardly a hardship for me!

Enjoy our sun!!

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