Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My niece up in Beaverton was still getting rain today, but I think a return to summer is coming to Oregon.

Today had me putting some of my photos down at Dorothy & Denny Dana's 'Trading Post".........their delightful little gallery of this n' that. It's always fun to see your own work up in a new display. If you get a chance, drop on by, take a look and let me know what you think.

The black and white photos are from my files.......I seem to still be in my B&W mood. These were taken at Garrison Lake while ago.....maybe last summer or fall.

I had a special treat arrive in the mail today from my friend, David. I had posted a silly little thing on Facebook about how important bubblewrap might be in one's life. It was a spoof, of course and there were some silly comments written in reply. So, today I received a package from Amazon......it even had a big smiley face of the box. Inside, was 30' of (unpopped!) bubblewrap!! And it was wrapped in an orange satin ribbon!! When I first opened it I hadn't read the message and didn't know who it was from......only pretty sure (?) that I wasn't the one who had ordered it. So, in my confusion and until I could figure this out, I automatically began popping that wonderful bubblewrap............that IS what it's for, isn't it?? Too help me in my more confused moments?? Times of stress?? It gave Norm and I some good laughs and reminds us of how sometimes giving an unannounced and nonsensical surprise gift, for no other reason than to make someone else smile, warms the hearts of all concerned. And if not, well, I'll just go pop some bubbles! 8-))


  1. Ha, ha. Glad you & Norm are popping, Donna. And do get creative there in P.O. Coating the bubbles with ol1ve oil or marmalade make it more of a challenge? Hidden wrap in odd places add to the fun? Your dentist's waiting room? A public toilet? The library? On a bus? ...Wonder if we could start a new craze. OMG, the possibilities are endless, aren't they? One can see this becoming an obsession. Whee! Out of acorns, mighty oaks do grow ... or something like that. (Slow day here, obviously. Sorry.)

  2. Sounds like you have some experience with the popping game........and some good ideas on the challenge. LOL
    Thanks for your comments.