Wednesday, May 8, 2013


 Good Spring Day, Folks...........Here in the south of Oregon we're having a beautiful spring and the photos on this page are just a few of some of our local sights.   Norm and I started out at the gorgeous view from Paradise Point.  Here is Norm over-seeing the spectacular sea........He has the stance of a sailor, doesn't he?     I just bet he spent 20+ years in the Navy........(I have inside info).   From there we went on to some other places around town........all involving water.
 Our last stop was down at the dock.  I don't think I've ever been down there when the weather is so perfect.  This above photo is of the dock workers separating the fish and weighing them so they can tell how much the fishermen will be paid.   Some fish are worth more than others.  
 This view from the dock looking down at a boat waiting to go out that just sighted the whale that was spouting around and feeding.  "Thar' she blows!"
And here is another boat and you can see the blow of the whale behind the boat about half way to the shore.  I don't think the whales were humpbacks........they didn't seem very big to me but seeing this is the first time I've actually seen a whale while I was down at the dock, I was still excited about it.  

Our garden is just full of spring blooms right now.  The rowan trees are full of white blossoms.....eventually turning into red berries come fall.  My prize bearded sky blue, the other black, are almost out.  First year my tower of jewels is blooming.........a tall big stalk filled with tiny purple flowers......Thank you, Emily!   I hope to have many baby 'jewels' next year.  Calla Lilly, clematis, roses, etc. etc.

And all the birds and assortment of critters are all here and accounted for......goldfinch, house finch, grosbeaks, chickadees, hummers, squirrels and chipmunks........rabbits eating Norm's chard, and raccoons washing their paws in a dish of water with shells and rocks in it.  Every year they dig out a few of the shells looking for what tid-bits there might be inside.  They're always hopeful but never find any treasures....

Went over to Roseburg shopping last week.  It was beautiful, warm and sunny.   One of the few times that it felt sort of dismal to me returning to the foggy coast.  We're getting  more fog this year, it seems to me.
We're wondering what a move to Roseburg might hold for us.   Then I think of the summer heat......I don't know about that......some pretty great shopping opts over there and a nice offering of homes plus an active art community.   Have to sell our place first though, and to do that we would definitely need a looker!   The couple from northern California were a no-show.  I'll keep my opinions to myself about that......

If any in the Port Orford area didn't make it to the Tri-Angle Square Art Gallery to see the newest work of Elaine's, be sure to take a little time to drop in and see her most impressive collection yet.   Her theme is "The Art of Praise"............It is inspiring and highly spiritual......especially if you know that Elaine's heart and love is very much in her work........

Al Alfonso has some of his woodworking on display also........It's beautiful, fluid and is another example of Al's appreciation of the world of nature around him.

Hope you all are enjoying your week and have good plans in the making for the weekend.


  1. We are lucky in so many ways in this town! I'm so glad you caught the whale!

    1. Yes, we are, Rosaria.........thanks for the comment.

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