Tuesday, May 21, 2013


 What??  Late spring?   Looking at the rain coming down and the wind blowing, forgive me if I doubt the calendar............But according to these recent photos of my garden flowers, I just might have to question my senses a little.   Crazy south coast weather........rain and showers all week here is what we'll be looking forward to.  At least it allows the flowers that ARE blooming to last a little longer than they would if it were hot.  And I did get all (almost of my weed whacking done before Mother Nature's latest joke on us.  These above flowers are English daisy; the second is my first clematis of my favorite vine and the last is my friend, Nanci's rhoddy.   I don't know what kind of fertilizer Nanci uses but she has the biggest and healthiest looking rhoddys of anyone I know.   This one is particularly pretty, don't you think?

Well, some annoying news on Norm's latest ear surgery and healing.   He's had 2 surgeries over the past few months..........lots of cleaning, tending and bandaging...........Finally, last week he got the final good-bye and all-clear from the original surgeon.   Hip-hip!!   The skin graft doctor (doctor #2)  said Norm could treat the heal/ed ear the same as the other...........(NOT!!!)   Norm got out of the shower a few days ago and briskly dried his ears........and I'm pretty darn sure that along with the water drops went his new skin graft.   I know it sounds petty but I'm so ticked off!........it seems like a personal insult to all my hard work of helping it heal up.   I'm just really SO not happy with this.  The man doesn't know his own strength but wouldn't you think that a body would know to be careful of a body that was partly a new body???
So.......tomorrow we're back up at the crack of dawn to make it to yet another doctor's appointment where we sit for over an hour along with all the other patients.  Maybe the doctor will say that he won't need any further surgery and let it heal up slowly from the inside out.  And really, when I get un-ticked, I do feel so sorry for Norm haven't to extend the whole ordeal further..........for a man who has had excellent health and stamina almost all of his life, this must seem like some of life's unfairness.  Oh well, you do what ya' gotta do.

I have a wonderful book I'm reading right now that I think shows more of the future trend of medicine.  It's name is "Mind Over Medicine" by Lissa Rankin.   She's a doctor who realized that the type of medicine that she was practicing was not the kind she had envisioned.   So, she quit and moved to a farm to write and paint.  But her purpose of healing won out and she began exploring healing minds and how they seemed to make such a positive difference in healing the body.  I know most of us have heard a lot of this previously but the depth of her exploration and expansion of study and results are really pretty remarkable.  It's an easy read so you don't have to have a doctorate to understand it............(always good to know).   If this type of a read interest you, be sure to take a look on Amazon.  The description and reviews will do a better job explaining all that this book holds than I can do justice for in this limited space.    What is fascinating is how, as if to validate the road I'm exploring,  there have been a number of people I know who have recently had some pretty substantial healing or improvements to a particular health issue, that was related to mind healing.
If any of you have had anything in your experience like this, I'd love to hear about it........

OK.........done for today..........Have a great rest of the week, everyone.  And a happy weekend!!

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