Sunday, May 12, 2013


 Today is Mother's Day and I'm wishing all you Mom's out there.....or surrogate Mom's, happy Blessings for the day......It's not an easy job, so celebrate yourself!  

We were looking for a particular tree for a good friend of ours whose own mother recently passed over.  We had given a liquid amber tree to her when her Dad she could remember him every fall when the leaves turn those beautiful colors............Now, one for her Mom.  Well, we aren't have an easy time finding one.  Norm thought there was a nursery over in Riverton that might have some.  That's what our reason for our trip was.......fruitless as it turned out to be in that regard..........But there were many photo ops and I had my handy little Nikon at the ready.   As always, the problem lies in convincing my chauffeur to stop.  I did get a few though.......
The top photo was a charming little cottage about a block off Hwy. 42 in Riverton, itself.   There were many flowers around and the garden looking lush and healthy.  I'm finding the blooms, both cultivated and wild, to be just glorious this year!   Everything is so full!
 This magnolia bloom I had some fun with in editing.......trying to keep the softness but intensifying the color since it's a single close-up bloom.
When we finally found a nursery (it was not the right one........that one went out of business), but they had a flock of chickens out behind the greenhouses..........Silly birds!  As I walked closer to their  yard they started running towards me.  I know they must have thought that I had feed to throw them.   I love this one shot of them, all lifting their skirts up to charge forward.   They are such characters with their funny mannerisms.   I threw them some grass blades that I picked and they moved fast forward, only to look in confusion as to the poor choice of treat I sent.  

The name of the nursery was Copper Goose Nursery.   They have about 4 or maybe 5 greenhouse......large greenhouses, full of beautiful color, and the most delicious aromas...........Ahhhh.  Makes you want to inhale only.   Mmmmm.........

So.......our trip didn't produce the tree we wanted but we do have the 3-B's nursery in Coos Bay on the hunt for us.  I can't remember the owners name but he is exceptional in helping you find what you want, if he doesn't already have it in stock.........and he has a very full nursery.  I'm sure we'll find our tree eventually, even if it isn't until the fall.  Personally, I like to plant things in the fall anyway.  At least perennials.  They have all winter to settle their roots and do well in the spring.

Hope you're all having a good weekend and getting well refreshed for the coming week.   And everyone think "SUN".   Ours is trying to disappear again...........The time is NOW, Mother Nature!

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