Monday, January 9, 2012


Over at Humbug State Park last Saturday for the White wedding, the sun was out........ a few clouds and no rain drops to spoil the day. These were a couple of scenes where the ceremony took place.......Humbug State Park is really a beautiful spot on Planet Earth! Waterfalls, bubbling creeks, tall evergreens, groomed but not too perfect. We do have to allow our Oregon moles the right to move about and up and down, right?? The top photo was the little bridge over the creek leading to the green......What is it about the bubbles in a creek that always have me wishing to take off my shoes and matter what time of year or how cold.....Like wanting to break the ice on a mud puddle. Go figure.......

One last photo of the happy couple that I'll share, besides with them. I was so pleased that the camera caught the special connection you see in their eyes during this moment. Beautiful, huh? I hope everyone had a happy Monday and good beginning to the new week. The day was a little cool and dreary. A good day to make up a pot of lentil and sausage soup. A new recipe and it was perfect......thick and hearty. Add some home-made bread and a salad and this equals A+. long as I'm on the subject of cooking. Does anyone else notice how pale and tasteless the strawberries are this time of year? I stopped buying them for our breakfast. But I received a new cookbook and in it a recipe for using just this kind of strawberries. It's for risotto....It was delicious!! Chicken broth, white wine, shallots & garlic, of course parmesean cheese, add strawberries and a dash of good! If anyone wants the recipe, let me know and I'll share it with you.

One more item to mention and that is about the moon the last few nights.......pretty impressive, don't you think?? There have been some fabulous photos shot by various photographers.....the moon through the trees, shining on a lake, setting into the ocean, etc. Right now I'm looking at it through some bare tree branches and it has a halo of mist around it.....looking ghostly and mysterious. That means it's going to rain, doesn't it?? So.......ok, there's your weather forecast for Tuesday......possible rain. And now you know.
Have a great rest of your week.........

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