Thursday, October 6, 2011


Aren't the warm colors of autumn beautiful? My favorites........the reds, oranges and browns with an occasional dash of yellow...........mmmmm. The photo above can't help you not think of apple pie or apple sauce. Add a bit of cinnamon and "oh, so good". Warms the soul.

This second shot is of our trumpet vine. It is the main attraction for our one remaining hummingbird. I hope it gets the hint that it's time to move to warmer weather, though. I can't help but remember one spring in finding one little frozen hummingbird in a branch of pyracantha who was done in by an exceptionally cold storm. That was back in California though. Such an awful thing couldn't possibly happen here on the south coast, right??

Today the sun was out and the weather a little nippy but lovely, I think. I got my walk in and Norm seems to want to bar-b-que for one of the last times for a while. So, the chicken is ready for the grille and we still have plenty of veggies from the garden that haven't made it into the freezer or been turned over in the garden yet.

Add an older "who-done-it" movie for tonight and you know about our day. Nothing earth shaking but filled with contentment. Hope your's is as well.

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