Sunday, October 16, 2011


At least some older photos from my files. Seems that time is short these days for going out and getting new shots. These were from my sister-in-law Lucy's garden during her memorial. And the top shot was a beautiful and colorful presentation at the table.......among many other yummy things to eat.

I should have taken a photo of the apple-crumb pie I'd made today. Norm's been wanting me to bake one so today was the day. Good day for it......Sunday's always are. Now I'll be walking double time for the next week wondering if it was worth it...........Oh, Yeah!!

Did anyone see the San Francisco 49er's win today??!! Another "Oh, Yeah!!" Maybe their time has finally come. And the sun was sort of out, the sky was pretty and the air was crisp..........all in all a good day.

So, now that most of all the doctor's appointments are pretty well behind us for a while, maybe this week I can grab a little time to take more photos. Norm has been having to use a cream on his face for some basil-skin 'thingies' (because we disagree as to what to call them, 'thingies' will do for now). He's staying low as much as he can since he doesn't like his appearance right now. It really isn't that bad but I understand how when it's YOU that your feelings are more focused and self-conscious. Anyone over the age of, well, you name it, can remember how we used to lie out in the sun and tan, tan and more tan........thinking we looked so healthy and great. I used to lather on the baby oil or whatever the newest fad was at the time. Oh, all the dead gnats that would collect on my limbs as I baked to a nice crisp brown.........Now we pay the piper; at the very least added wrinkles and spots. Those spots that we call freckles for as long as we can get away with it.

Norm remembers when his father recommended he smoke cigarettes because it kept you from getting TB......especially if you smoked the menthol. Amazing, huh?

So.......stay out of the sun and burn up those cigarettes before they burn you!

And have a great week!

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