Sunday, November 8, 2009


Here are a couple of scenes that we have to feast our eyes on around the area.
The photo at the top is a sunset. We face the south so the real vibrant color is
not usually seen from this view.
The second is some of the waves hitting our poor ole' breaking-down jetty. When
we first moved here to Port Orford, it seemed to me that the jetty was higher and
I know, didn't have any holes in it. A few years ago there were some really wicked
storms that came through. It caused a lot of damage not only to the jetty but
around the area also.
Some of the folk lore around here says that whenever their is a "cap" on Humbug
Mt., (you can see it in the background) that there will be rain. I've never it known
it to be anything other.
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