Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Sometimes what we do don't always carry common sense. I'm trying very hard to
get over the flu. Norm, thinking it would do me good to get out a bit, took me out for a short trip to town to pick up some things
he's ordered. Instead of straight home, we drove down to Paradise Pt. and then
the dock. Out on the jetty were ALL these pelicans. I don't see that many of them where we live,
but read recently in the news that this year there were thousands of the big birds
stopping off on the south Oregon coast along their migration path. Since I never
go anywhere without my camera these days....of course I had to see what I could
shoot. I complained my bad luck of not having my telephoto lens on so instead used
my smaller one. These are the results. Everytime I went to return to the car, another
one or more would fly closer and overhead. "Uch!! Wait one more minute"...snap-snap!
Then I'd go to get back in the comes another one.....out I'd jump.....snap-snap. This must
have happened about 4 or 5 times at least. The wind was beginning to kick up and it was not
warm......Finally, common sense returned as my body began to feel hypothermic and
my cough drowned out the wind. So as you look at these, remember how a passion
for a new art, at times, carries action but little else. And maybe someday soon I'll

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  1. Penguins are sometimes curious - altho they will fly away initially, often they'll come back if one sits still. I know, more insanity!!