Thursday, November 12, 2009


Norm finally bought his new truck today. This gorgeous sunset is what accompanied
us home from North Bend. I think Norm was feeling very pleased with himself and his
new toy and he readily agreed to stop off and give me a chance to take a few quick
photos. Then I saw what he was REALLY doing! He was checking out some new
something or other on the front of the truck......which he has named Michael. Michael
is the young salesman that sold us (himself, AND) the truck. He is newly over from
Sligo, Ireland. I think he calls his Mom everyday and probably his girlfriend too. He'll
be going back for a holiday month long stay and is hoping to talk his girlfriend in moving
to the states also. He was really such an open and fresh personality....the kind you'd hope
to see more of. So....if any of you are thinking of buying a sure and ask for
Michael of Ireland.
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