Friday, November 27, 2009


The black dog was the stranger to the other two, and younger.
But the shepherd and lab just had to check out the new guy on the beach.
The first few shots, which aren't shown here, clearly show the black pup with his tail so far down like he was hiding
it. His owner cut him loose from the security of the leash and off he took down the beach, looking over his shoulder frequently to see if he was outdistancing the two predators. They came up rapidly from the rear and to the pup's surprise, wanted only to play in the surf, not eat him!! So the game of chase and catch took off.
Up and down the beach they all went. Every once in a while I heard the pup give a little yelp. Maybe the
bigger dogs were a little too rough, but no damage was done and off they were again. Frolicking for all they were worth and having a great time.
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