Saturday, August 8, 2009


This photo was taken on a rainy and dreary day. Somehow you forget that
when you look at the bright colors. I think if it was a sunny day, the effect
might not have been as appealing to my eye. Winchester Bay is a picturesque spot
with a lot of fun shops. We used to have a boat that was docked there and
there was always something going on....especially with the waterlife. I didn't carry
a camera with me then as I do now. So, those would-have-been great shots will
have to be held only in my memory.......where they undoubtedly become more than
fantastic with time.
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  1. Donna,
    To me this is an example of how far you have progressed with composition - this is excellent. The placement of the building, the diagonal line of the roof - all of it are right where they should be.
    Also - you know this - remember that on cloudy days the colors show up more saturated. They are great days to shoot these kind of colors as they show up in a way you would never see in the sun (as you noted).