Friday, April 13, 2012


The beauty is in the skies these days. We, hopefully, have passed on the soaking and flooding rains of the past few weeks. These days it's chance of showers with possible thundershowers. That always means great big puffer-belly clouds. So dramatic! This first photo is from down at our Port Orford dock. Love the bright tourquoise color of the little building. The reflections on the wet sand is what drew me but the sky was what kept me lifting the camera.

This shot was taken about a week or more ago down at the Bandon jetty. I was told by someone commenting on another photo that the name is not the Bandon Lighthouse, it's the Coquille River that's what you see over across the river. And look at those glorious clouds!!!

In the past couple of weeks it's been pretty intense around our house...........Norm is sick with a bad cold, his son (my step-son) had to have a leg amputated and then suffered a heart attack while in surgery. Each day brings new reports of the different up's and down's. His sister, girlfriend, and now one of my grandsons are there keeping watch over in Reno. The prayers and well-wishes that we've received from people has been almost overwhelming and so very much appreciated.

I've been concentrating on my furniture re-do's. It's time consuming but I'm enjoying it. Lots of experimenting.

And there's the cruise to Alaska to look forward to........Karen and I were laughing how we don't even have this one started yet and we're thinking about Ireland! Got that travel 'bug', I guess.

So.......plenty going on with more soon as the sun stays out for awhile.

Have a great weekend!


  1. You've captured the soul of these places. Thank you.

    1. Thank YOU, Rosaria! I appreciate your opinion.
      We're going to have to meet in person one of these days.......

  2. Thank YOU, Rosaria! I appreciate your of these days we're going to have to meet in person!