Sunday, April 22, 2012


 I think Spring has really, really and finally arrived.   We might have a bit more 'sog' here and there but lots of flowers are either blooming or just loaded with buds waiting to burst out.  This afternoon it was a beautiful 62 degrees........which feels a lot warmer if you're out weeding or planting.  I really think it must have been the concentrated thoughts and NEEDS of all the people of southern Oregon!  It was enough-already with the rain!   Another sign of Spring...........I'm getting my windows washed this week.   First time I've hired someone else to do it.   I'm excited!   And Norm got the bar-b-que up and ready to go~
I am getting older!  do you know how I can tell?   Blogspot is remaking their website on how, we that post, are going to have to learn the new way.   I resist!  And everyday there are new devices or big changes in the electronic and digital world.  I resist!   And here I thought it was my aching muscles and unflexible joints of the gardening that would give me away.'s the changing world and how it's all speeding by so quickly.  Even the glaciers are melting away too fast.  Pretty soon, we'll all be afloat......and I resist.   Remember how simple it was to choose a TV show to watch?  Now we have so many channels to choose from that no one can watch all that's offered or even know what's offered.  Oh, well.  I resist but it does me no good.  Change happens and if I can't resist then I guess I better adapt.  I'll resist the resistance.........maybe and in small doses.

For those of you who follow my step-son, Lance's, progress.........He seemed to be doing so well that the doctor's took him off the ventilator the other day and maybe a move out of ICU.  But.....not in the cards just yet.  So back on the ventilator but he's moving along in all other ways.  We continue to pray and our hope for his recovery is stronger each day.......Thanks again to everyone who is sending prayers and support.  You're amazing!

Hope you all have a great week ahead~and keep the sun shining!

OH........The top photo is of my neighbor's beautiful full red rhoddy.........It's really spectacular.  The second is the new leaves on my pieris andromeda.  They've been extra colorful this year.  Next is the Empress's just full of buds that will be opening in purple soon.  Next posts photo.

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  1. Rhoddies and pieris, stunning! I have magnolias, camellias and cherries all blooming in the front yard with no shame. Who says everything is gray in the Northwest?