Saturday, November 5, 2011


Had a good lunch and great and long-overdue lunch with my friend, Pat, last week. I vowed to order something unfattening..........does fish and chips count? I ate very few chips and that was only when I wasn't thinking about it. I'm sure you've all done the same thing, right?? I hadn't been down to the dock in quite a while and here are a couple of photos from that day. I have more that will follow but I'm having trouble downloading them again.......The day was fairly gray with plenty of clouds so everything look fairly drab anyway. Just the time to use black and white......and with the wisps of clouds and mist around Humbug and the off-shore rocks, I think it enhances it nicely. If you double click on the photo it should take you to a larger sized photo where I think the effect shows better.

This fish float and net are hanging on the old grayed wall behind Griff's Restaurant. I like it.....and one similar that's done in a painterly look is a favorite of mine also. I'm posting it separately.

Rainy and windy out tonight............we did still get in a bit of a walk (Good for us!!) Tomorrow I'm making up a nice big pot of split pea soup with rustic boule` bread. I think I make this comfort food up just to let the house smell so good!

Have a great Sunday and travel safe on these wet roads if you are going out.........

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