Sunday, May 1, 2016


Guess what I was doing as I uploaded these photos??   Game of Thrones is back and it's as all-enthralling as ever......The good guys don't always live and the bad guys are oh-so-awful!!  Arggh!
 I realized that I hadn't posted anything about our Grandson TJ and our great grandchildren, Aiden and Tabaaha........Here they are below with TJ playing the horsey and the two little ones (maybe not so little anymore) as the riders.  If TJ looks tall standing next to the patio door...........he is!  6'4" or so.....give or take another foot......;-)  

 this is just a little finch that happen to stop by and take in the ongoing battle between the bluebirds and the swallows.  The swallows are the underdogs but they are persistent.  I just hope time doesn't run out for them and they end up with no babies this year because they can't seem to move on to find another nest site.   I have an idea they are ones that either used that particular next last year to raise their babies or they might have been the babies.  Because they are very attracted to that particular site.

Here is beautiful Tabaaha.  She had been concentrating on coloring after dinner.  She's funny as how she's only been here once before and had to check out everything.......behind doors, in drawers, closets, little boxes, anything and everything.  Girls at t his age are so curious so I really didn't mind.  I was right behind her, though, just in case......
And here we have TJ and Danielle's son, Aiden.   He's 4 years old now......growing fast and learning the ways of the world even faster....I felt good about getting his photo here and he's smiling.......He never stops moving and most of my photos of him are of the back of his head.   hahaha.....

Here I end with some of my roses from this year.  I'm just so in love with my garden this year.  You'll be seeing more as the non-ending blooms continue.   I planted about 5 plants in the garden today and I can now officially say that I've reached my limit......there is no more room for anything.  At least if I consider how ones already established are going to continue to grow larger.  It's always so tempting to get just one more little green treasure.........or red, pink, yellow, white, etc.  Or different textures....I could go that are gardeners know what  I'm talking about.

Have a good week and enjoy the warm weather...........94 degrees here today but it's a fairly dry heat.......So feel good and open yourself to Spring Fever.......

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