Sunday, April 14, 2013


 The day started drizzley.....just as I was going to go do some gardening.  Mainly the weed-whacking.  I found other things to do and after lunch decided to just-get-out-in-it.  I did manage to get it all done in back, which is the largest area............and now, a few hours later, the sun is shining and it's warm and balmy out.  Crazy spring weather.  Well, at least we don't have snow like so many in the mid-west. 
Last week, I came across the most talented lady and her recent creations.  I'm giving you her website here and I think you'll all be just as amazed as I was when you look at her talent.  According to one of my sisters, she has done a great many creative ventures and is excellent in each and every one.  This latest is cakes and the like.  They are just beautiful!   Her earlier beginings with various confections was exclusively wedding cakes, but now is branching out into smaller items that she can ship with more ease and less risk.  She lives up in the Grass Valley/Nevada City area in the California gold country after spending much of her time and talent in the SF Bay Area.   Take a look and prepared to be "Wow-ed"!     Her creations would be such an asset to anyone planning a wedding or other special occasion........or the services of a wedding planner.   She said she would let me know when she sets up her new line of cupcakes, petite fours, etc.   I'll be sure to pass the word on when I hear.

While the sun was shining today, I went out to take a few spring flower portraits.  Not too many in the garden yet, but they're coming.  I see more and more signs of spring each day.  I saw our first Shasta daisy beginning to open.  Then there are the gophers and/or moles~~stretching their limbs and sharpening their teeth.   The geese are migrating and I do love to hear all their noises as they pass overhead on their way north.  Bon voyage..........Speaking of niece and her daughter, Madeleine are on a special mother-daughter trip in Paris.  Just the two of them doing and seeing the sights that are so full of charm (and rain).  What is so neat, and a sign of this day and age, is that every day she sends photos and videos of their various sights.   This morning there was a little video of mass in church..........a very beautiful church!  There are so many street scenes with Parisians traveling about their business.......or children playing around a large park pond; boys floating and sending their small top sailboats across the pond using sticks, just like they did many generations ago  Seems there is a Impressionist painting with a scene like that I've seen.  All these daily scenes are sent via email and although there are times when I'm disgusted with the age of electronics, these emails are such a joy.  I'm thinking I would love to go to Paris, too. 

Well, hope everyone had a good weekend and are ready to kick up whatever you need to kick, this week.   A good Monday to all.

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