Wednesday, May 9, 2012


 I clicked this photo of Norm through the window today.........He's waging another spring war, this year it's not the squirrel, it's the stellar blue jays.  He feeds the finch, grosbeak, chickadee and towhee, among a few others..........the jays come in and bully all the others to take off.  They jump up and take big mouthfulls of the suet, wasting a lot of it.  Norm is a product of the dreaded Great Depression......waste not, want not.  The jays don't play by the rules.  So, its war and so far the birds are winning.  They seem psychic.  Paper waving through the window while sitting in the chair doesn't work anymore.  As soon as he stands up and moves forward, they're gone.  There have been times when he even makes it out the door, tip-toeing ever so quietly, gun in hand, our stealthy hero of the little feathers.  They spy him through both windows and off they go.......or he's convinced that they read his intentions.  I think they're playing with him.  Norm has devised all kinds of extensions, sticky stuff, and little blockades and so far the jays have still outsmarted him.  So, this photo is of our determined warrior, sitting in wait and hoping the jays won't notice him sitting there with the big-boom stick.  Unfortunately, the jays are still laughing.
This street sign is one that Norm has wanted me to take a photo of for a long time.  We finally stopped and I snapped this past week.  This road is a side road off Seven-Devils Rd. on the back way to Charleston.  It's sort of an ironic combination, don't you think??   This might be something he can work with in his battle with the jays.  8-)

Hasn't it been great to see the sun these past few days?  I hope the wind will die down a bit and it should be perfect.  I've gotten some gardening done but there's always more.  There seem to be more blooms this year......maybe because of all the rain.  I'm not fact the perfect weather is a couple of days of sun.....then a bit of rain and back to sun. 

A neighbor of ours reported last year a fairly large pack of raccoons on the prowl....even during the day.  That's so not good!  And they're reappearing.  Norm has noticed that one or more have been traipsing through his newly planted vegetable garden.  Another threat of a war??

Still trying to sell our futon if anyone is interested.  Plantation style......$75.  Give me a call if interested.  Or leave a message under 'comments'

Wishing everyone a happy and sunny week.......or what's left of it.  And have a great weekend!!

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