Thursday, May 24, 2012


Rains are back.........let's hope it's short lived.  Although in talking to a friend of mine who lives in Arkansas, there is a drought that sounds like it's lasted for a couple of years.  They've had to take a number of trees down and more to come.  I lived in the California foothills in the 70's when one of their drought seemed endless. 
Norm and I lived about 10 years down there.  I loved that area........first time I was able to live close to nature, have a garden....both flower and veggie, had my share of trying out various animals and the only think that got eaten were the eggs.  Everything else died of old age while I practiced 'living off the land" not-so-well.  8-)  Happy memories, though, with close friendships forged.  One of those was my sister-in-law, Terry.  She taught this green girl a lot back to bake pies, can and pickle, garden, the names of all kinds of plants and the different animals and birds we had living around. A love of the land and appreciation of nature in all her many splendors.  The changing of seasons were more pronounced there and we even had to sort of rescue them from flood waters when their lake and stream got clogged up by debris.  Another time her husband, Ed, my brother-in-law, lost his barn and workshop to a fire.  Very scary happenings when you live in the woods.  And there was the nearby wildfire, so called The 49-er Fire.  There and  many other areas in northern California so burnt that the air was thick with soot and smoke from Sacramento all the way up into Oregon.  We had to drive with our car lights on for mile upon mile...  Devastation........but 'Earth Abides' and the green returns.  Terry was a bit of a surrogate mother to me during those years......not that we saw eye to eye on everything.  But I did learn a lot from her and appreciate all that was shared.  She died last week at the age of 92 or 93...........A very full life up to the very spite of her age and an increasingly bad heart.  So.......bon-voyage, Terry.  I know you're having a wonderful reunion with so all those you loved and loved in you return.  Terry loved her flowers and was a true master gardener.   So, I'm dedicating these flower photos to her.............

The top photo is of my Siberian those blues and purples! 
 This pink pretty is just a small portion of my weigelia.........Pretty spectacular this year.  It still is although more blossoms are disappearing. 
And last but not least is one of my Icelandic poppies. The actual color is much, much brighter.  Very bright!!
I just got a new software photo editing........I haven't downloaded it yet but I'm sure there are many trials and experimenting in my future

Memorial Day is just about here........Hoping you all have a great weekend.  If you're traveling do it safely............and a prayer or two of rememberance for all our fallen warriors.  Much of what we have to be thankful for is because of their sacrifice......

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