Monday, July 27, 2009


Meet Willie, my kitty. She (yes, she) was a stray that adopted us a few years back,
after I 'accidentally' kept dropping food out on our deck. She was starving but very skiddish
and would run off whenever she saw us open the door. One day she saw me outside and
was alert and ready to run. I said a few words to her...she answered.....I said something.....she
answered. Well, within 2 minutes that cat was not only over to me, but climbed up on my
shoulders and meowed and meowed her delight. She has not been an easy house pet and
has an ornery streak that has tested my patience more than husbands gave out
a long time ago. But because she was someone's throw-away and her miserable disposition
has me caring for her because there doesn't seem to be too many least not for the
long term. Now she's getting very old, quieting down, and only sometimes biting.....lucky me.
She has her health problems and nothing does she love more then to sit up on my lap in the morning
when I'm at the computer, and snooze.........but if she could talk she'd probably say that dinner
time would rate much higher than that 'touchy-feely' stuff.
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