Saturday, July 4, 2009


There was such fun today at the 4th of July parade. I wish I could post all the photos I took, but 296 would be a bit over the top, huh? Well, the Coast Guard helicopter is always one of my favorites. Today they circled around through the trees and wisps of fog, flying low and waving to one and all. They make such a beautiful contrast against the blue sky.

This gentleman was on one of the many floats and he set such an interesting scene with his cigar and that neat looking hat. The surrounding red, white and blue just set the scene.

I love the animals...all of them. There were a number of llamas and this one with the young girl who was leading him/her/it gave an interesting profile.
The Jensen Band is one of the faithful entries every year. They are much loved and the parade wouldn't seem complete without them. This gentleman is giving it his all, as you can see by the puff of his cheeks. I have so many great photos that it's hard to choose which ones to post. So many happy little children all running out for candy. I even captured one little boy, just out of toddler age, sharing a piece of candy with another younger boy who'd turned up empty-handed. A good little soul.
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  1. That picture of Norm in the "animal cute park" looks just like him.


  2. now THAT sounds like something an ole' Navy buddy (?) would say!!!