Wednesday, April 5, 2017


A little female Anna hummingbird indulging in a mid-morning feast...........

Our dear friend, Dick,is dealing with some health challenges and this photo is of Father Andrew, an Archbishop from India, who was nice enough to hold Mass at Dick and Ginny's home.  Guess who the "altergirl" was??  Yep.........Your's truly.  lol.....and the roof did NOT collapse!

Good friends from Port Orford surprised us with a mid-week visit.  We had a delicious lunch at Tolly's in Oakland.  These two never change.............Forever young!
Usually this early morning robin is scruffy and looks like he just woke up with a case of 'bed head".   Actually he's pretty well groomed for this visit.

Hope you all are enjoying the coming of spring.........It's more than welcome after such a wet and cold winter.  We're so ready!

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