Friday, April 8, 2016


Beautiful weather the last few days..........I think with such super days all the folks we passed in our jaunt to Stewart Park duck pond, were friendly, smiling and just happy to be out and about.  Spontaneous conversations popped up here and lady on her way to play golf greeted us like long last friends....

 My niece, Lauren, was down for a few days visiting us.  Which is always a treat for Norm and I.  She and our friend, Ginny, had met last fall and so the two met up again as we all did a photo shoot with the morning catching the birds at being birds.  They're pairing up and one couple of Canada geese had a flock of goslings......I counted 9.

This little cutie and her sister (not shown here) were excited about feeding the birds.  Some looked bigger than her..........but she found out soon enough that they'd scatter if she ran at them.  Great fun!
And speaking of birds, we have our usual Hatfield vs McCoys battle in our backyard.  The western blue birds and the swallows.  We went through this last year until they could learn to ignore each other.  They each take over one of Norm-built birdhouses, both lined up on the fence and facing each other.  Stay tuned for further developements............

This group of ducks just spent so much time upside-down they made me laugh.  As they had bottoms up, they would sort of bob up and down like those little bobbing balls that fishermen use.    

Here is one final long view of the pond.......from here we went on to Oakland to have lunch at Tolly's...(Yum!)  Then toured the small town dressed in all it's Spring finery.......I'll continue our photos in my next post. in the Umpqua area don't put away your winter woolies just yet........a small chance of showers tonight...........No moaning now.....most aren't quite prepared yet to jump into the heat of summer.  It was 91 degrees yesterday!  Record breaker for sure.  Summer will be here soon enough

Nite for now.............

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