Friday, November 1, 2013


 It's been so long since we've been living in a place where we get the Halloween trick or treaters and this year was just great!  Our very first trick or treater was our new friend pictured above.  Myrna did NOT have her parents with her but braved it on her own..........actually she was in costume for handing out the treats which her daughters and grandchildren went out to treat everyone with their 'family of bones'.........All dressed in skeleton costumes.  Myrna was so decked out I couldn't pass up taking a photo of her.  Not long after that the kids started hoards!  Some of the very little ones were so funny.  A number started to just walk in the house like it was it was where they little guy who was only about 1 1/2 years old didn't consider my putting the candy in the bag his Mom was carrying to be legitimate and when he thought I wasn't going put any candy in his own little hand, his face started to scrunch into what would become 'the big square mouth wail'.  Of course, I quickly put another piece in his little hand before the dam broke and he, satisfied, went on his way.
 The various parents were pretty funny, too.  They almost always had to tell the younger ones to say "Trick or Treat".....which translated into "Twick or Tweet".........then there was the duty "Thank You".

 A tall young girl dressed up like Little Boo Peep, gave a very deep voiced thanks that had me commenting on The Voice.........When he told me a bit defensively "I'm a boy!".
  After I gave one little one his treats with his father standing there with him when I saw a flash from out on the street.  I said "Oh, picture taking?"  And the young father said in a bit of a tired reply "Of course"........guess Mom makes happy and frequent use of her camera!  Another pre-teen boy suggested I give him ALL the candy.......then gave a thank you and a "God Bless".  I wondered whether he knew it was a heathen holiday.......8-))

Now we are left with about a couple of dozen little candy bars and/or packages of M&M's.  Hmmm.....I wonder what we're going to do with them?  It is a dilemma.........

 These flowers are perfect for the autumn of the year, aren't they.  They above chrysanthemum grows in our garden.  It seems to be a prolific producer........And the beautiful variegated cyclamen was given to us by a friend, Sarah..........I've never seen one like this before with the variegated leaves and the very deep dark red blooms.  I think we've found the perfect place for it and enjoy watching it thrive.......Fingers crossed that I don't do anything to change that.
Hope you all had a fun-filled Halloween, too.  There were probably Halloween parties at the schools and churches.  Some merchants in shopping malls hold a Halloween costume parade for the kids to march in and collect treats from the various shops and stores.  Unfortunately, we have to worry more now-a-days on keeping the kids safe from the real-live bad guys.  Thankfully, last night showed Norm and I that the kids are having just as much fun as they did when we were kids.

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