Wednesday, October 16, 2013


 He was a one-of-a-kind and a great neighbor..........Maxwell, Max really, was our friend and neighbor's wonderful pooch that lived next door to us in Port Orford.   He was diagnosed with bone cancer about 6 months or so ago, and has lived beyond what the expectations were......thanks mainly, I know, to the love and careful care of his owners.  "Owners" doesn't sound like the right title, though.......Max was more the 'kid' of the family.........a big, loveable lug.  I'm not quite sure what a 'lug' is, but if it's an always happy, friendly, and lumbering goof, then that was Max.   Anytime, Norm or I walked down the road past his house, you could count on the greeting from Max......a loud "Woof".  Or if he was out and about and saw us, he'd race down to the road for his expected pat and maybe a rub, and then he'd turn around and race back home.   If we had company come to our place, count on Max to include himself in their welcome.......When he was around during a (people) conversation, Max included himself and always felt like he had important contributions to make to the overall subject.

I remember a time when I was picked blackberries down the road.  My kitty at the time, Willie, always came with me and waited around for me to finish.  One day, Max was being taken down the road for a walk when Willie and Max spotted each other.  OH-oh.........Max lurched forward and he was not only a big dog but strong.  I left the berries and helped hold Max from going after Willie.  Willie must have sized up the situation in her favor and she attacked Max!  At least she did that particular "crab-shuffle" that cats do when they're trying to intimidate.......Max was duly intimidated and was pretty shocked.  Willie then decided to go home, having done her duty in 'protecting' me.   Max never stood for that least not from Willie.  The tables were turned from then on, but it is a funny memory.
 These photos of Max were in my older files........this one above is him shaking the newspaper, I think.  It was his job after they picked it up for Max to carry it back home......unless something else caught his attention, anyway.  But he was so proud.....and would more or less parade with said paper in his mouth.

He has fought a hard and long battle but finally, much to the heart-felt pain of all who knew him, Max needed to move on.  All of you who have had and loved pets and viewed them as family members, know the ache and pain of having to say good-bye.   It always hurts.   All life forms suddenly seem so very precious and endearing.  I've always felt that our pets give us that unconditional love that echos or reflects our own love back to us.  When we lose that pet we feel like we've lost one of the best and pure, true parts of ourselves.
Max will be remembered with much love and our heart-felt empathy goes out to Nanci and Ray.........

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