Sunday, June 9, 2013


 I thought I'd post some photos of a few of the local cottages around Port Orford today.  This first one has been deserted and neglected.  I knew the lady who lived here.......Marian Weston.  She was a 'one-of'a-kind' gem.   She joined a spiritual group that had formed and which studied together with the others on a weekly basis.........Marian was feisy, strongly opinionated, and a 'militant' practicing Buddhist.  She would frequently become irate at some issue or situation, and start chanting a Buddhist prayer for peace.......chanted in anger until it eventually reached it's desired emotional state for her.  One year the city cut down a big wild rhododendron that grew in front of her house.  Marian was away from home when they did the dirty deed.  She was fit to be tied, being a strong environmentalist.  She said "I would have THROWN myself in front of it before I'd let them cut it down!!!!"  Marian's house had many cobwebs hanging from the ceiling, corners and every other place the spiders decided to make a home.  She liked her spiders and they lived in perfect harmony together.......not a life-style for everyone, but it worked for her.  Marian died of an aneurysm and her many friends missed her strong statement in our lives.  Her much loved house has been empty ever since.  Except for the spiders.......
 This pretty little cottage is owned and lovingly tended to by a wonderful little lady from England.  Her garden shows her love of gardening and the seemingly natural knack that the English  to have for taming and tending nature..........When I walked by to take some photos, the flower fragrances were just tantalizing!   One of those times when I want to breath in only........hating to release the aroma with an exhale.

 And finally, here is one of the Lindstrom homes, I believe.  He was an early architect during the early days of Port Orford...................sometime during the last century.  I don't think the photo really shows off the sweet details of this Victorian cottage garden.  But it's another example of someone who loves gardening.  The arch over the entrance says it clearly..........."WELCOME TO MY GARDEN"...
And now a bit about our life these days............I think we sold our house.   There are many days now of sorting and throwing away parts of our life that no longer have purpose.   And this woman grew up hearing all about "The Great Depression" NEVER throw anything away!!  Until now........even then, I'm throwing away........going back and throwing away more........sometimes even a third time.   Oh, Ouch!!!   But even through the chaos and hesitation about the whole move, it's exciting in thinking about where life will take us next.......what the future might hold and the new experiences and new friends...........and hoping that they will be as precious as our old friends we made in Port Orford.

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  1. Hope you don't go too far from your old friends. Yes, a lot to sort, each time one moves.