Saturday, January 12, 2013


 A couple of days ago Norm and I stopped by Tasty Kate's for a bite of lunch.  We've been meaning to for a while and I'm so glad we did.   Norm ordered a turkey sandwich with bacon jam (strange, I know but very good) and I ordered a gyro........a delicious Greek sandwich made of half lamb and half beef.......So good!!! 

It's not just food in there, although there is all kinds of tempting goodies, but it's an eclectic mix of knick-knacks, jewelry, aprons, greeting cards (moi), etc. etc.  The photos below give you an idea of a little of what you might find.  The colors are a riotious combination that cheers the soul in spite of the sometimes dreary days of winter on our soggy Oregon coast........

Kate, herself, is a very perky and fun loving, energetic gal who somehow manages to keep all things running smoothly.   One of the things I really enjoyed about her place is that you can 'touch' least, I hope, because that's what I was doing.  Just fingering, picking up, examining, smelling.........exercising all my senses. 

Bakery items or lunches can either be "to go" or eaten within.  And the 'tables' at this point are some old metal ironing boards painted in primary colors, with stools to sit on.  I understand it's a pretty funny scene when you have some of the local burly men sitting at these ironing boards.  8-))).   Katy is planning on replacing those.....or adding to them, a custom made round wood table that will seat 10.  She plans on having a, hopefully, weekly dinner for those that make reservations (early!) and I suspect that it's going to be a huge success..........Stay tuned for when that happens. 

TASTY KATE'S has a Facebook page and you can "like" it to receive any news of future happenings.   This is going to be another great and fun place to take friends and family when they visit from out of the area, too.   Right on Hwy 101, the yellow building right next to Lee's Market in the middle of Langlois.........You can't miss it.  There's parking in front as well as Lee's parking on the other side of the market. 

 An eclectic mix of who-knows-what, always changing............but lots of fun!
                              Lots of bright and cheerful colors reflect Katy's personality.....

                                    And here's the ever-competent Katy, herself.........cook, artist, creative and thoroughly unique, very neat gal!
                     Jewelry from local artists............

                         Oh, YUM!!   Doesn't this just tempt you to forget that New Year's resolution??   You know you want to...............

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