Sunday, November 4, 2012


I'm posting some of my last photos of Alaska........these were taken on from the ship, leaving Juneau and towards Vancouver.  Most of the trip south was during the night hours but the setting sun seemed appropriate as we left one of our most beautiful states.   When I took this first one, I was standing on the back of the ship watching the wake with the setting sun shining so brightly on it.  I was by myself back there as I made a silent 'good-bye' and a promise to return again.   And something that happened today made me think that promise must have been spot-on.   I was looking around for an envelope to hold some cash I need to bank tomorrow.  The envelope I reached for had held a very thoughtful "bon voyage" note from a good friend, sent to me before I left.   As I picked the envelope up, my eye caught something inside......and my friend had placed a Canadian $20 bill inside, that I was to use as I traveled through that country.  I had missed it before......  So, now that does tell me that I need to go back up and spend that money!!!!    Yep! that's my story and I WILL stick to it.   (Thanks again Bernice)
This photo just seemed to call for black and white so nothing would take away from the drama of those gorgeous clouds.   Although I did love the color up there too.   And the color of this last photo I think was just so rich.  We actually had a hard time getting some floating kelp as we were sailing towards Canada.  We were going at a pretty fast clip and it would many times pass by before a good shot could be captured.  I enjoy the jewel like colors here so I'm glad I kept after it. 
What did you south coasters think of today's weather?  I guess all along the western states we're getting a bit of Indian summer.  After the winter storm of last week, this was a lovely reprieve until winter visits us again.  And on the subject of weather.......I know there have been many requests from prayers and good wishes for those affected by superstorm Sandy, so let this reminder be another one of many, please.  There is supposed to be more frigid weather possibly hitting them again this week.  Hopefully, between now and then, many will find their devastation and situations greatly improved so they can 'weather the storm'.   I'm thinking that all of us safe and sound hold all our fellow brothers and sisters in our hearts and prayers.

OK........weekends over, Folks..........enjoy your new week and make the most of every minute in your own beautiful way.

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