Sunday, November 28, 2010


A little of this and a little of that........rain and sun. This first photo was taken last evening as the sun was setting. I have a new 'plug-in' software in addition to my Adobe Photoshop and I'm still trying to get it right. So, bear with me. The second photo was taken a few weeks ago. It's a white mountain ash or in Ireland and Scotland, it's known as the Rowan tree........full of faerie tales and myths of the magical powers of so much of nature including the Rowan tree. They grow wild over there and those trees that I saw along road sides were generally skimpy and not too remarkable in appearance. I saw one at the home of Robert Burns, though, that was magnificant!! Tall and thick with beautiful golden and red leaves. It must have been about 20 feet tall and then and there I found I wanted a rowan tree in my own yard. I looked but no one around here had ever heard of this particular tree and I figured that it only grew in Europe. Then one day at Bi-Mart.......there it was!! In fact two of them, only called white mountain ash. But it was my long lost tree!! I snatched up the two of them and they've done beautifully in our yard. White blossoms in the spring, red berries in the fall and the beautiful colors of autumn in October! And almost 20 feet and widening more all the time. Haven't found the faerie-folk yet though.

Have a wonderful Monday to start the new week off right! Time to get into the holiday season and feel the joy!

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